Monday, June 29, 2009

The making of a passport photo

This is a photo essay of the odyssey to take a passport photo of a baby. The Australian passport office requires the photo to be of the baby looking straight at the camera with the mouth closed and a neutral expression on the face. Yeah right!

Sombal Muriching as I start

What is it you want to do?

Come again??!


Keep up with this nonsense and I will punch you

You are making me cry...

OK.. Do you like this cute face?

You don't??!

What about my Kung-Fu pose?

Wait, I think I like this game...

This is real fun!

Are we done yet?

I'm 2 seconds away from falling asleep

Voila! The perfect photo!!


Ashwin Thatha said...

Pozhachu Po.

Win pannittonnu nenachukadhe, When I get to 18, I will become an Indian, Happy ,,, Thatha

madhuvijay said...

We were laughing so loudly I think we woke up our neighbours LOL

madhuvijay said...

BTW.. are Polka dots in fashion again??