Monday, November 3, 2008

This nasty growing up business...

Every morning after his bath, while he is still wet in his birthday suit, Ashwin asks me to "Baby carry" - I get to pick him up and cuddle him - squishy bum and all. I love this time of the morning and usually hold him as long as he will let me. What's not to love about a freshly bathed baby?

This morning, however, once he had finished his bath, he said, "jojo finished, I want crocodile towel".

What about baby carry? I asked. To which he replied:

"No Baby carry. I am in big people".

Oh.. In that case, I want to carry big people I said.

"No, no big people carry. Big peoples is heavy".

Oh no!

1 comment:

Ashwin Thatha said...

Tell him that thatha says "He is only a baby"